Monday, June 25, 2012

15 - 2012 Vision of The Seas

Vision of the Seas - 4 night St. Petersburg Cruise
Stockholm - 21 to 25 June 2012
Stockholm, Sweden; Tallinn, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Russia

Video: Cruising Stockholm archipelago
Follow the cruising through the archipelago from she is leaving Stockholm Frihavn and to the Pilot is leaving the ship 5 hours later - just before sunset.
The archipelago extends from Stockholm roughly 60 kilometers to the east.
In a north-south direction. There are approximately 30,000 islands and islets.
The shipping routes from the Baltic to Stockholm pass through the archipelago and we do pass several ships. Cruising between the small islands through the Stockholm Archipelago is an experience. Weather allowing, the experience can be enhanced by enjoying a spectacular sunset from the deck that during summer months lasts until 11 pm.

Video: Visit to Tallinn.
Follow our walking tour through Tallin Old Town, the capital and largest city of Estonia.
All-linn (Lower Town) is one of the best preserved old towns in Europe.
Major sights include Raekoja plats (Town Hall square), the town walls and towers (notably "Fat Margaret" and "Kiek in de Kök") and St Olaf church tower. 
In Toompea (Upper Town) you will see the walls and various bastions of Castrum Danorum and the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral 
The Old Town became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 1997.

Video: Visit to Saint Petersburg 
Panoramic St. Petersburg Highlights  - a short video from the 4 hours sightseeing tour. The tour included the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, and the Cruiser Aurora, from which a blank round was fired as a signal for the Bolsheviks assault on the Winter Palace in 1917. See the Field of Mars, Nevsky Prospect, the city's main street and pass the impressive St. Isaac's Cathedral with its immense gold cupola.

We did spend Saturday afternoon walking down Nevsky Prospect ((Russian: Не́вский проспе́кт,). It is St. Petersburg's main avenue and one of the best-known streets in Russia, planned by Peter the Great.. Cutting through the historical center of the city. It runs from the Admiralty to the Moscow Railway Station.
The major sights include the Rastrelliesque Stroganov Palace, the huge neoclassical Kazan Cathedral, the Art Nouveau Bookhouse (Dom Knigi), Elisseeff Emporium, half a dozen 18th-century churches, a monument to Catherine the Great, an enormous 18th-century shopping mall, a mid-19th-century department store, the Russian National Library, and the Anichkov Bridge with its horse statues.